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About Pinoy Life Hacks

In recent years, the world has become so obsessed with life hacks? If you have spent most of your times on the Internet, you have probably found clever solutions to the little problems you may have encountered in your daily life, be it in cooking, cleaning, baby stuff, building, and just about anything that your mind can think of. The Internet has full of handy and life-saving tips and tricks that can help you when life gets a little tough.

Browsing online or through your news feeds on your social media accounts, you may have stumbled upon a list of Bright Side’s life hacks like “13 impressive psychology tricks that will make your life easier,” “10 extremely useful hacks that will turn you into a cleaning God,” or “1001 life hacks to master before you die.” You have probably saved a couple of articles that will help you organise your battery chargers or try the clever trick to perfectly and easily cut a watermelon.

Life hacks claim to make our lives easier and they really can. As a result, we get more things done at a short span of time thus making our lives more streamlined and productive. Do we need life hacks, yes of course - to make better use of our time so we can do as much stuff as we need to get done.

Here at Pinoy Life Hacks, we want to serve a delightful box of awesome tips and tricks that are particularly useful for Pinoys. In addition, we would be sharing proven life hacks from other sources. If you are looking for some life hacks that are easy peasy and saves you time, look no further. We have just what you need to hack the best out of life. 
In addition,Pinoy Life Hacks also offers various web articles regarding how to's, general information, and local news. 

Fast Fact: The term “life hack” was first coined by technology journalist Danny O’Brien during the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, California. O’Brien described “life hack” as “embarrassing" scripts and shortcuts productive IT professionals use to get their work done.” Following O’Brien’s presentation, the use of the term “life hack” spread in the tech and blogging community.

P         I          N          O          Y            L          I          F          E          H          A          C           K           S

Pinoy Life Hacks also accepts guest blogging. If you have a passion in writing articles about life hacks, latest technology news, how to's, gadget reviews, travel tips and tricks, tutorials, and anything under the (Pinoy) sun, you are more than welcome to contribute. Please drop us an email at or use the contact form in this website.

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