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Asiong Caviteño Restaurant: A Review

Asiong Caviteño Restaurant

Here is our fun restaurant review on Asiong Caviteño Restaurant located at Baranggay Bucal in Silang, Cavite. Hopefully, we can provide you with valuable consumer information if you are contemplating on dining out with your loved ones or barkada at Asiong Caviteño Restaurant.


Nowadays,, it is very easy to find a location. All you need is an efficient web mapping service and Internet service. It is amazing how you can get to your destination away from slow traffic and unpaved trails with a web mapping service, but to save you time from searching you can find below how you can get to Asiong Caviteño Restaurant.


The owner (Sonny Lua) is very accommodating. Of course, a restaurant owner’s goal is to make sure that they deliver excellent customer service. However, there are some owners that are do not really mingle with customers. Mr. Lua is very cheerful and makes sure that the customers feel welcome. He treats customer with care and respect while providing excellent meals. Customers will surely come back to Asiong Caviteño Restaurant for more.

Asiong Caviteño Restaurant

The staff are friendly too. They greet customers as soon as the customers walk inside. They are also thoroughly versed with the menu. They make sure they get your orders right. They also make sure that the customers don’t wait too long for their first round of drinks, entreè, or meal. The speed of service is excellent.


They have a variety of dishes that can satisfy your palette, whatever it is your craving for. The restaurant’s signature dish is “Pancit Pusit,” where in aromatic squid ink is used to color vermicelli noodles and give the latter its silky black hue. If you want to have an idea about the kinds of food that the restaurant offer, visit the official Facebook page of Asiong Caviteño Restaurant.

Great food and generous servings.


Asiong Caviteño Restaurant

The look and feel of the restaurant is rustic charm done right. The restaurant is simple, coarse, and strikingly beautiful. The tables and furnishings use natural materials such as raw wood. The lighting and decorations embrace nature-inspired textures - simple and earthy colors.


Cleanliness certainly affect the ambiance of restaurant. We didn’t get food poisoned so we assume that cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are well-maintained.


The menu is posted on the official Facebook page of Asiong Caviteño Restaurant. Go and have a look yourself to find out if the cost of the meals served in the restaurant falls within your budget. We think that the price of Asiong Caviteño Restaurant’s hearty meals is neither cheap nor expensive - it is reasonable, it seems fair.

Asiong Caviteño Restaurant

Are we going to recommend Asiong Caviteño Restaurant? Yes, of course.

It is not only the food that will make you love this restaurant. It is the great hospitality that the owner and staff offer. Mr. Lua personally checked up on us to ensure that we get well-taken care of. He also shared the history of the restaurant, spoke of his family growing up, and talked about their love of cooking. We believe that the best part of dining at Asiong Caviteño Restaurant is the hospitality of Mr. Lua.

They grow herbs in the garden too.

The food is wonderfully tasty and delicious, not to mention, comforting.

The ambiance is quiet and peaceful. You will definitely feel at home because you are surrounded by nature.

Here’s a must try: The Original Pancit Pusit, Traditional Kare Kare, Laing Kabite, Lumpiang Sariwa, Callos Caviteña, Caviteño Cheesecake, Kape Barako, Fresh Pako Salad, Crispy Kare-Kare, Fresh Lapu-Lapu in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Leche Flan, and Sapin-Sapin, Spicy Sisig, and Hamonado.

We suggest to visit Asiong Caviteño Restaurant during weekdays because weekends are full unless you don’t mind waiting.

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