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How To Get an NBI Clearance Abroad

Here, we’ll show you the easiest way to get an NBI Clearance when you are already based abroad or living outside the Philippines. All NBI clearance applications coming from abroad are processed only at the Mailed Clearance Section of NBI, located on the third floor of the NBI Clearance Building, in Ermita, Manila. 

You must authorize a representative to submit and claim the NBI Clearance certificate on your behalf. The process usually takes three to five business days. 

You have to create an account online if you don’t already have one. You need to setup an online account using your email address.

Setup your account and enter your information. Make sure you are putting all the right and most updated information. Make sure that your current address abroad is what's on your profile information. Enter your phone number as well, you can use the new phone number that you use in your current country. You will also need some form of identification and we recommend to use your Philippine passport. 

Click on Apply for Clearance. Verify all information is correct. Edit if necessary.

Book a date, but it doesn’t matter which date you choose. 

After successfully booking an appointment date, pay for the fee. There are different mode of payments accepted. 

Printing of confirmation not necessary. You can simply write down your reference number in a sheet of paper or image-capture this page using your mobile phone. 

Now, here is the most important part. These are the required documents that your authorized representative have to bring to the Mailed Clearance Section of NBI. 

Authorization Letter

2x2 Picture

Previous NBI Clearance

Confirmation of Payment

Proof of Identification 

Submit the documents to the Mailed Clearance Section located at the third floor. They will ask for the reference number to ensure that the clearance fee has been paid. After verification, the release date will be stamped on to the printed reference number. Your authorized representative can come and claim the NBI clearance on the said release date.

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