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Funnside Ningnangan: Dampa in the South

If you are looking for a new place to dine down in the South, you can visit Funnside Ningnangan in Silang, Cavite. It opened on November 23, 2019. It gives pretty much like the “Seaside Dampa or paluto” concept because you get to choose food and have it cooked after paying for it. It also has another branch in Kawit.

Funnside Ningnangan

Ningnangan, for those who doesn’t know, is the “Kapampangan” term for “ihaw-ihaw” in Tagalog or “grilled” in English. However, the open-air eatery is not limited to serving only grilled food. Appetizers and soup-base dishes are also served.

This is probably the perfect Dampa place outside Manila because it has spacious parking, great open-air atmosphere, clean ambiance than any of the dampa’s in the whole Metro Manila.


Funnside Ningnangan

It is easy to get overwhelmed looking at the food. The options are: fish (tuna, salmon, etc), as well as a wide range of crustaceans such as crabs, clams, shrimps, scallops, oysters,  and mussels. 

Funnside Ningnangan

For those who are not really a fan of seafood, you can order grilled barbecue, chicken, and even hotdog. Duck meat is also an option.


Funnside Ningnangan

You have to buy the ingredients such as fish, meat, or seafood from the stalls. You pay for it and then they are cooked to whatever dish you like. Since we came during opening night, we assumed that the ingredients were fresh.         


Funnside Ningnangan

Funnside Ningnangan

Funnside Ningnangan

The eatery has enough tables and chairs for customers. There is one area that looks like a pavilion with wooden tables and chairs. It is surrounded by more tables and chairs to ensure good seating are provided for every customer. In the event that all tables are occupied, they have foldable tables that can easily be setup for more customers.


Funnside Ningnangan

This is a great tactic to attract more customers. Funnside Ningnangan Silang has an outdoor LED TV screen billboard that plays movies for dining customers. You can enjoy a free movie while eating your favorite Filipino dishes.


The price of the food served in this “dampa” concept restaurant is relatively cheaper than paying for food served in a typical restaurant. You just pay for the fresh ingredients, which is calculated per 100 grams. There is no additional fee for cooking.

Big groups can definitely save money on this type eatery.


Funnside Ningnangan

The eatery has sinks for washing your hands, of course, for Filipinos who would like to eat with their bare hands. It is located in the middle to allow convenient use by customers.

Comfort rooms are also available for customers who would like to use them.


Filipinos love to eat. In fact, anyone who’s been to the Philippines knows how much Filipinos love to eat, but it is more than just physical nourishment. Food just brings people, no matter what the differences.

Funnside Ningnangan is the best place for friends and families who are looking for good food to eat. It is also perfect for balikbayans who wants to treat their loved ones to affordable food and satisfy their craving for Filipino food.

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