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Netflix Review

The ubiquity of social media means that almost everyone has access and you probably have seen Netflix running ads on various social media platforms. You probably may have been tempted to try their “One-Month Free Trial Cancel Anytime” promo because of the wide array of amazing movies - old classics and award-winning originals too. But, is Netflix worth it?

Here is our honest review. We signed up for the Premium Plan for Php550/month and we recommend it because it gives you Ultra HD streaming. You can watch even old movies with crystalline clarity.

First-month free

You get a 30-days free trial, which means you get to binge watch your favorite TV series and enjoy tons of old classics and award-winning original contents for free. If you aren’t satisfied with it, you can cancel anytime. Of course, you need to provide your billing information upon sign up but you will not be billed until your free one-month trial is over.


Upon sign up, you will be asked to personalize your Netflix experience. You select movies and TV shows that you like so that Netflix can give recommendations about contents that you are likely to enjoy.

Browse by Genre or Search Specifically by Title

You can browse by genre or search specifically by title. So if you aren’t fascinated with the contents shown on your home feed and since you won’t be able to scroll through those contents in alphabetical manner, just go to the Search menu and type in the movie or show that you want to watch.

In case you come across a title that interests you, you can add it to “My List” for easy access later. All the titles added in “My List” appear in your Home Feed.

Up to 5 User Accounts

You can create up to 5 user accounts under one Netflix account, at least for Premium Plan account holders. You can also customize and set restrictions for each user so your kids can also enjoy contents based on their age. The only flaw that we see in this feature is that anyone can easily switch accounts which means that any restrictions are not going to work as it should.

Bingewatch - Movies and TV Series On Demand

Once your signed up, you can stream contents even Tagalog Movies, TV Shows, and Teleserye in as much as 4 devices at the same time. You can watch you your tablet, Smart TV, phone, and laptop. You get HD streaming, but you can also get Ultra HD streaming depending on the plan that you will choose upon signup.


With Netflix, you can choose from three plans. The Basic Plan costs Php 370/month and allows you to watch on one screen at a time. The Standard Plan costs Php 460/month allows for two screens at a time. The Premium Plan gives you Ultra HD streaming for Php 550/month and allows you to watch for 4 screens simultaneously.

Unlimited Movies

All plans give you access to unlimited movies and TV shows. It lets you watch from any device too. However, don’t expect to find all movies in their database. You might find it frustrating to realize that some of the movies you want to watch are not there, but it is really okay because there are tons of titles to choose from and we bet that those titles can definitely bring enjoyment to you.

In addition, you get access to Netflix Originals that feature award-winning actors. They make sure to keep you posted about new contents by sending notifications on the app or on the email you used to register.

Almost Ad-Free

For the Premium Plan that we signed up, we didn’t see any ads on the service. However, there have been reports claiming the Netflix subscribers may begin seeing ads. We are not sure if these ads will be based on subscription plans. We hope, though, that Netflix do not run ads because we will drop subscription if they start running ads like commercials on TV.

Playback Features

Netflix has some cool playback features such as its Continue Watching because you get easily get back to the scene that you are watching. It can be a headache though if you don’t want to keep watching. You can also remove items from your “Continue Watching” list by going to the Account Settings if you don’t want the items showing up on your Home Feed.

The app also has its Skip Intro button, applicable for TV series. Then, of course, there is the Forward/Backward 10 secs feature.

Award-winning Content

Netflix has a lot of original award-winning contents. For one, Netflix is the only place to watch “Orange is the New Black.” There are also reality TV shows earning plenty of buzz.  

Unfortunately, Netflix lacks current TV shows offered by local cable and network provider. We hope Netflix add access to current episodes from the aforementioned sources.


Netflix also allows users to download contents for later. We didn’t try downloading anything because we thought it really isn’t necessary. As long as you have a stable internet connection, there is no need to download the movie or the TV show. As we have stated earlier, Netflix’s “Continue Watching” lets you stream content right where you left of.


Netflix has definitely a lot to offer at a very reasonable price. Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of plan that is suitable for you. The Premium Plan of Php 550/month is roughly Php 17/day.

Netflix offers tons of award-winning original contents, even old classics, and popular TV shows. Not only that, Netflix ensures that they can cater to the taste of their subscribers based on region. So for us Pinoys, there are really tons of great Filipino movies, new and old ones.

One of the things that we noticed too is that Netflix does not have enough seasons of TV shows.

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