SSS Maternity Benefit Claim: What You Need To Know

It is important to know what benefits a pregnant woman can get from Social Security System (SSS). Here are the things every Filipino pregnant women needs to know about SSS Maternity Benefit Claim. Even if a woman didn’t become successful with her pregnancy and have had miscarriage, she can also avail of SSS Maternity Benefits.

Social Security System (SSS)

How Can You Avail SSS Maternity Benefit?

You should notify SSS about your pregnancy before you can avail the maternity benefit. Take note though that submission of Maternity Notification does not really guarantee payment of maternity benefit.

Fill out SSS Maternity Notification Form, also known as, MAT 1 and submit it no later than 60 days after conception. The MAT 1 form can be downloaded here. You also have to attach proof of your pregnancy such as your Ultrasound Report.

After you give birth, you then need to fill out and submit MAT 2. The form can be downloaded here. You need to attach requirements to verify if you have had normal delivery or caesarean section.

Take note of this:
For reimbursement application, you are required to submit documents too. For normal delivery, you need to attach the birth or death certificate of your child. In most cases, the birth certificate of the child is released 15 days after giving birth. You have to get a Certified True Copy registered by the Local Civil Registrar.

For caesarean delivery, you also need to attach the Certified True Copy birth or death certificate of the child. You also need to attach the Operating Room Record that is obtained from the hospital. Disregard other documents listed on the back of MAT 2 form such as Medical Abstract, Surgical Memorandum, Discharge Summary Report, Delivery Report, or Detailed Invoice. Although the form says that you can attach either one of the aforementioned documents, SSS will only honor the “Operating Room Record.”

How Much Do You Get?

For female SSS members, you will receive a daily cash allowance that is equivalent to 100 percent of their average salary credit multiplied by 60 days for normal delivery or miscarriage, 78 days for caesarean section delivery.

For employed members, this shouldn’t be a problem because your company should be making automatic deductions from your salary for your contributions. However, if you are unemployed and paying voluntary, you should have made three monthly contributions within the 12-month period preceding the semester of you delivery to be able to qualify for SSS Maternity Benefit Claim.

Assuming your highest monthly salary credits are Php 16,000.00 each. Then, your monthly salary credit would be Php 96,000.00 (16,000.00 x 6). Divide Php 96,000.00 by 180 and you would get a daily maternity allowance of Php 533.33. Your total maternity benefit will depend on your childbirth delivery. If you have a normal delivery, multiply your daily maternity allowance of Php 533.33 to 60 days and you would get Php 32,000.00. If you have a caesarean delivery, you should multiply it to 78 days, which means you will get Php 41,600.00.

How Long You Have To Wait For The Reimbursement To Be Released?

According to SSS, the reimbursement will be released within one to two months after verification of the submitted MAT 2 form, complete with the requirements. This is true for cheque reimbursements. It can take as long as two months before the member receives the reimbursement.

The good news is that SSS now credits the reimbursement through bank deposit. It can take as early as 14 business days for a member to receive the reimbursement.

Take not of the following for Bank-To-Bank Transfer.

1. You should have a single bank account. This means that the bank account should only be under your name, not more than one person to own and manage it.
2. The bank should also already be well-established for years. Even if you open a single bank account with a bank that has made its name such as BDO or Metrobank and if the bank has just been on operation at a certain location for a short time, SSS will not honor it.

For more information, visit the official website of SSS.
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