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Hay Day is the most entertaining farm game on iOS, Android, and Kindle. Nearly six years after it was released, more and more people are still getting hooked to playing the mobile farming game. It has more than five million 5-star reviews on Google Play and that number is only getting larger as more players become addicted.


For all of you Hay Day gamers, this post will give you tips on how you can get coins and diamonds. We don’t really recommend downloading any special software that claims to give you unlimited coins and diamonds. Why? Well, it is because it doesn’t matter how those Hay Day Hacks are advertised. One thing is for sure, they are all SCAMS.

Some Hay Day Unlimited Coins and Diamonds Hacks require you to answer and complete a survey, but they don’t really generate coins or diamonds for you. Some even require you to input your phone number or email address and make you sign up for offers. As a result, your phone or mailbox gets bombarded by spam emails or text messages.

What is worse is that your phone or tablet gets infected with malware or viruses. So think about it first before you download any Hay Day Hack tool. The best way to get coins and diamonds is to stick with the rules of the game. Here’s how.

Get More Hay Day Coins

Road Shop

This is a no-brainer. If you want to have more coins, you have to tend to your farm. Then, you can sell your crops in your own Road Shop. You can adjust the price of your crop to maximum because gamers will still buy your produce even if they are set to the maximum price. This way, you will earn more coins.

High-Priced Products

Second tip is to produce high-priced products such as cakes and pies, fruit juices, cheeses, ice creams, candies, fruit jams, soups, candles, salads, smoothies, and gnocchi, and marmalade. These are easily sold in your Road Shop.

Visit Other Road Shops

Visit other Road Shops and look for players who are selling their produce at low prices. Buy them and resell them at a higher price. This way, you can earn more coins.

Boat Order

Fill up your crates and cast off your boat. Another way to earn coins is to fill up the crates on the boat in your dock with the required products. You will also earn XPs and special rewards.

Farm Board - Truck Delivery

You can also earn coins and other rewards via farm board. Use the truck to deliver the order to the unseen townsfolk to earn coins and vouchers too.

Train Depot

The Train Station and the Town Hall unlocks at Level 34. You can build more buildings (Bed and Breakfast, Spa, Cinema, Gift Shop, etc) that attract visitors and customers. You will earn coins by fulfilling their orders and gain XPs and special items too.

Town Visitors

Sell your products to people who visit your farm too. The price of the products sold to the people who come to your farm aren’t really as much as the regular price. However, there are some days when these town visitors are going to pay double the regular price. Watch out for those events.

Treasure Chest - Mystery Box

Treasure Chest or Mystery Box not only contain various special items, but coins as well. It appears randomly in Hay Day such as your farm and other players’ farm too. Be sure not to miss checking your farm for Treasure Chests or Mystery Boxes.

Spin The Wheel of Fortune

The Hay Day Wheel of Fortune allows you to spin once a day. The green truck arrives once a day with a spinning wheel on the back. Try it and get a chance to win coins, vouchers, and other products. 

Get More Hay Day Diamonds


If you met the goals set by the game, you earn not only XPs but diamonds as well. Hay Day has a total of 47 different types of achievements. There are a total of 147 achievements because you have each achievement up to the 3rd level. Achievements are unlocked at Level 6. You just click on your farmhouse to view the list.

Treasure Chest - Mystery Box

The Mystery Box (aka Red Tool box) appears randomly and pops out of the ground. If the box is locked, you can spend 3 diamonds to open it but if you are feeling lucky, you get to open the box (if it is unlocked) and get 5 diamonds.

Treasure Chests appear in the town lake, floating off shore. If you are lucky and you get an unlocked Treasure Chest, you can get as much as 8 diamonds.

Catalog Mystery Gifts

If you help other players with their boat order and crops, you get a gift card. You can exchange 10 or 20 gift cards for a Catalog Mystery Gift, which are either diamonds or decorations. The Gift Catalog unlocks at Level 15.


Be sure that not miss any Hay Day game update. If you make sure your game is up-to-date, you are awarded diamonds. 
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