Online Shopping Review: Lazada Vs Shopee

Filipinos are increasingly taking advantage and becoming used to the convenience of the Internet. Where else can you do shopping, even at midnight or during the wee hours of the morning, while still wearing your jammies? Almost everything can be ordered online and you can have them delivered at your doorsteps.

According to Statista, the total revenue of e-commerce or businesses selling online in the Philippines is estimated to continue to rise. Some 47.3 million Filipinos have apparently made a purchase via e-commerce, estimated by the statistics portal. Two of the most popular online retailers in the Philippines are Lazada and Shopee. Here, we’ll share our review on these e-commerce websites.


Both Lazada and Shopee have websites in desktop and mobile versions. Both also have a downloadable app via smartphone. In terms of interface, both Lazada and Shopee have a user-friendly interface. Their websites and apps are not overly complex. You can search for items easily. They also provide quick access to common features. They have a clean user interface, which makes it easy for shopper to locate different tools and options.

VERDICT: All in all, Lazada and Shopee provide a good user experience with their platform. It is a TIE for both.


Lazada is one of the most popular online retailers not only in the Philippines but across Southeast Asia. It also operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. This e-commerce website offers a wide variety of items, including electronics, home appliances, fashion apparels, car accessories, baby stuff, and more. Even big companies such as retail giant SM Investments use to e-commerce store to sell its merchandise. There are also goods and merchandise that are sold by vendors outside the Philippines.

Shopee is our local option. It is more like our online version of Divisoria minus the hassle of traffic and being on a crowded place. The sellers can just be any individual who can put up their virtual stores through the online store. The items being sold on Shopee ranges from electronic, home appliances, clothing, health and beauty, shoes, bag, baby apparels, and so much more. Shopee also has products that can also be found on AliExpress.

VERDICT: It is a tie for Lazada and Shopee. Both online stores offer a wide range of products, even those that are not easily acquired at local shopping malls.


Lazada and Shopee offer good deals for consumers. While it is obvious that the cost of items sold in Lazada are cheaper than the cost in the malls, Shopee presents items that are low-priced, bargain-basement that is. Shopee even lets consumers buy items as low as Php 5.00. Shopee also offers a chat service where you can talk directly to seller and inquire about their products. This way, you have a chance of making a bargain for the items that you want to purchase. Some of the sellers in Shopee also offer wholesale discounts, which means you can save more.

VERDICT: Shopee is definitely budget-friendly.


Lazada and Shopee offer convenient payment terms. If you have credit cards or debit cards, you can use them in your transaction. Lazada even allows consumers to pay installment terms if their transaction amounts to Php 3,000.00 and above. Both online stores also have Bank’s Over the Counter transaction. What is even better is that consumers who isn’t keen on using their credit cards, debit cards, or those who do not have time to go to the bank to make payment can opt for Cash on Delivery (COD). Take note though that not all items can be paid COD.

VERDICT: It’s a tie for Lazada and Shopee.


Shipping fees are calculated on a store-level or seller-lever for Lazada and Shopee. Consumers can enjoy free shipping of their items if the reach the minimum spend set by the seller. Take note though that the minimum spend vary per store/seller.

VERDICT: Both Lazada and Shopee win.


If you are excited to receive the items that you ordered, we recommend buying them on Lazada. Lazada’s delivery usually arrives on time or even earlier that the expected delivery date. Some ordered items are even delivered within 24 hours.

Shopee delivery usually takes 7 days at least. Sometimes, it takes even longer.

However, if there are unanticipated events such as typhoon or you forgot to give instruction to someone to receive your package in the event that you are not available, there is a great chance that your order will be delayed.


There are times when consumers like you get frustrated if they receive a defective or damaged item. The good news is both Lazada and Shopee have Return/Refund Policy. Getting through the Lazada Customer Service Hotline might be a little challenging. You may try to get in touch with them through phone, chat, or email. However, the customer service representative might just not be able to provide you the answer that you really want to hear. If you have a problem with an item, it is better to send them emails and attached the pictures as proof.

If you have issues with the items that you purchased from Shopee, you can get in touch with the seller through their chat service.

For more information, you can click these links:
Lazada Refunds and Returns Policy
Shopee Refunds and Returns Policy

VERDICT: It’s a tie for Lazada and Shopee.


Lazada offers Cashback and Rebates. Shopee, on the other hand, rewards consumers with Shopee coins for every successful purchase. Accumulated Shopee coins are as good as cash and can also be used to pay for future transactions.

VERDICT: Both are winners.


Lazada and Shopee offer discounts and give vouchers as well.

VERDICT: Both are winners.

In conclusion, Lazada and Shopee provide convenience to consumers. People do not need to go somewhere to purchase gadgets, clothes, household appliances, and even groceries. It will only depend on your urgency. If you want to buy something and want it delivered in a very timely manners, choose Lazada. If you are one of those people who would like to save more money and willing to wait longer for items to be delivered, choose Shopee.

Happy Shopping!

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