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Toamit Virus Shut Out: Does It Work? We Bought One To Find Out

An “anti-viral” product called “Virus Shut Out” sold by Japanese company Toamit is trending with consumers online because it claims to kill viruses and bacteria, as well as prevent allergies. Toamit’s Virus Shut Out claims that it is “experimentally proven to effectively block airborne particles and bacteria, as well as various epidemic viruses, reducing the chance of being infected or infecting others.” The manufacturers claim it is suitable for the sick, elderly, children, and people with low immunity.

The “Virus Shut Out” is said to contain chlorine dioxide. You are supposed to wear the necklace (lanyard) and card (included in the package) around your neck, thereby “sanitizing” the air around you. It’s supposedly effective for 30 days and suitable for “offices, schools, hospitals, and nursing facilities.”

Several media outlets have reported that Toamit’s Virus Shut Out necklace is already banned by authorities in parts of Asia but surprisingly, it is still being sold on Lazada and Shopee.

Curious to see what the Virus Shut Out does, we picked one off a third-party seller on Lazada, which was selling it for a ridiculous price, by the way, at Php 750.00 apiece, delivery charge of Php 50.00 not yet included. We also ordered one off a third-party seller on Shopee, which was only selling it for only Php 162.00 with free shipping. You will be surprised to find out that there are even more third-party sellers that are selling the Virus Shut Out at lower prices.

They both arrived in less than a week.


Please refer to this link. It is definitely impossible to understand what is written on the packaging because it is all in Japanese but we know that Toamit’s Virus Shut Out is not specifically marketed to prevent COVID-19 or kill the coronavirus. We compared the packaging of the two Toamit’s Virus Shut Out cards that we ordered online. The plastic packaging for both products appear the same except the expensive one has a clearer image and it looks better.

Check out the photos below:


You have to remember that Toamit’s Virus Shut Out is not specifically marketed to kill COVID-19 or the coronavirus, but consumers have surprisingly grown into a frenzy to get hold of the product. There are even images of Philippine President Rody Duterte and several cabinet members wearing the “necklace” amid COVID-19 outbreak.


Toamit’s Virus Shut Out has been banned by eBay and Facebook, in case you don’t know. Vietnamese authorities also said that the product has no scientific basis. Here in the Philippines, it is being sold in almost every E-commerce platform – Lazada, Shopee, Carousel, and OLX among others.


We put the necklace on and waited for it to do its magic. After a few hours of wearing it, we didn’t feel any different. We put it on when we went grocery shopping and we still didn’t feel any different. We had it on for three days and felt no different.

We say, scammers are at it again, riding on COVID-19 scare.

It is important to stay healthy. No anti-viral card can prevent anyone from COVID-19 or any illness. The best thing to do is to keep your immune system strong. Stay away from anything that gives you stress. It is also equally important to follow the directives of the local and national government during this pandemic.

Toamit’s Virus Shut Out and other similar products will really do nothing to prevent you from getting COVID-19 or any illness.

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