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There Is No Excuse For Cheating In A Relationship

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In a perfect world, every marriage should be a monogamous relationship. Every monogamous relationship should be monogamous. But where we live in is not a perfect world. The amount of cheating/infidelity that goes on around the world is so disgusting. You will be surprised to find mind-blowing statistics on cheating/infidelity online. Technology has even made cheating/infidelity easier to pull off in so many ways.

If your relationship is going through a rough time, cheating is never the answer.

Being in an unhappy relationship is never an excuse to cheat. It will only complicate things. There is just no acceptable excuse for cheating. If you are unhappy with your relationship, the ethical option is to talk to your partner to try to work things out or just leave.

No one needs consent to leave an unhappy relationship. Many people stay in a lengthy and unhappy relationship because of fear of hurting his or her partner. Not having the courage to leave an unhappy relationship could lead to a person to enter to a more serious commitment such as marriage. If couple were not sure of each other at the time of marriage, they are more likely to cheat or get divorced.

If you think you are in an unfulfilling relationship, end it for good. It is important to end the relationship before it gets serious.

If you are in a loveless marriage, get a divorce. Cheating is not an excuse no matter the situation is.

If you are not satisfied with your marriage, get a divorce. Don’t go sleeping around with other people if you are still married. Think about the reasons why you are no longer happy. Have you lost your intimacy? Do you feel insecure? Do you not visualize a future together? Do you often have unhealthy arguments? Is there no communication?

A marriage cannot survive without love. A loveless marriage adds stress to the lives of each spouse and often results into unhealthy relationship habits. If you can’t repair the broken marriage, identify problems, or if you can’t find healing through communication, it is better to walk away than stay. It is more appropriate to lead distinctly separate lives rather than engage in infidelity while still married.

Behind an affair is a faulty spouse or a bad marriage.

A faulty spouse or a bad marriage is not an excuse to cheat. You can’t go wandering around and looking for the qualities that you can’t find in your spouse in other people. You should both focus on building your marriage rather that find other people to sleep with. If your marriage is no longer working, why would you keep each other around and not fire each other?

When a spouse cheats on another, it leaves lifelong scars. Those scars can be traumatizing. If you cannot stand your spouse and unable to work things out, cheating can make the already bad situation worse.
As a society, we tend to think about the welfare of our children even if the marriage is already suffering. People try to stay together for the sake of their children. But why would you even try to stay in a marriage that is no longer working? Admit it or not, if your marriage is no longer working, it will pave the way for ineffective or inconsistent parenting. Why? It is because an unhappy marriage strains your parental energy, leaving less to invest in your kids.

Once a cheater, always a cheater

When a man (married or not) cheats, it is not always because he was seduced another woman. Once a cheater, always a cheater. There are people who will cheat and cheat and cheat again, regardless of gender. Don’t settle for half-a-man or half-a-woman when you can have your own. If he or she cheats with you that there is a great chance that he or she will also cheat on you. As much as you hate to believe it, you are not an exception to the rule.

Don’t give anyone multiple opportunities to hurt you.

If your partner can’t be loyal, then you should not be in a relationship with him. It is so disrespectful and there is literally no excuse for cheating in a relationship. Get your morals straight or be single.

Don’t even try to put your relationship back together after the trust is broken. A relationship is only made for two. Being drunk is no excuse for cheating. Alcohol, distance, temptation are not excuses to cheat.

Big or small - lies are lies.

There is no situation in which cheating is okay. If you feel something is missing in your relationship, talk about it first. If you are unhappy, leave. Break off the relationship and don’t commit when you have thoughts of sleeping around.

Revenge cheating is also not the answer. If your partner has cheated on you, do you think doing the same think will correct the mistake? If you are not getting the things you want out of a sexual relationship or if you are just simply bored with your partner, talk it out.

It is certainly normal to feel attraction to others, but in a monogamous relationship, you must put a limit. You should overcome any desire because adultery is a sin. There are more than 7 billion people in this planet. There would most certainly be people that are prettier or more handsome than the person you are currently committed to. You will definitely find attractive people from time to time. The key is to simply observe your feelings of attraction. Don’t give it more power that it deserves. Instead, give all the power to the person you’re with.

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