How to Request NDD Activation on your PLDT Landline

If you have an existing PLDT landline, you should be able to make local calls within the same area code. Calling any other area code within the Philippines is not possible unless you have NDD (National Direct Dialing) activated on your account. 


You don't need to pay any fee if you want to activate NDD on your PLDT landline. You just need to pass additional requirements to the nearest business office.


1. Letter of Request

Below is a sample of letter of request for NDD activation. You can submit the letter to the nearest PLDT Business Office. 

October 10, 2019


FROM : Juan De La Cruz

RE : Request for NDD Activation

Good Day.

I would like to send a formal request of NDD activation for our landline. Account details are as follows:

Account Name : Juan De La Cruz
Account Number : 0123456789
Reference Tel. No. : (802) 123-4567

Contact Person : Juan De La Cruz
Contact Number : (0919) 123-4567 / (0922) 123-4567
IDs Presented : Driver’s License with ID No. 123-12-123456

2. Photocopy of Valid ID

For validation purposes, you need to submit a photocopy of your valid ID such as Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, SSS ID, or any other Philippine government-issued ID.

3. Proof of Income such as ITR or Bank Statement

You are also required to submit a photocopy of your proof of income. It can be your latest tax returns stamped by the BIR or a photocopy of your recent bank statement.

The processing of NDD activation will take about one to two business days. You may call 171 using your PLDT telephone if you want to make a follow up on your request.

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