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How to Spot Fake Lucas’ Papaw

The red tubed Lucas’ Papaw has earned popularity in the Philippines after various celebrities were spotted using the famous ointment. A few viral social media posts showed celebrities like Anne Curtis, Kim Chiu, Toni Gonzaga, and Julia Barretto using Lucas’ Papaw.

According to the official website of Lucas Papaw, their product has been around for more than 100 years - 108 years to be exact. For years, models and celebrities have sworn by the yellow sticky ointment as a miracle cure (predominantly) dry lips, but insect bites, rashes, cuts, and many more.

If you are curious to try this cult favorite red tubed ointment, you have to make sure that you are only going to buy from official distributors. If you don’t know yet, Lucas’ Papaw is being duped heavily nowadays. Yes, it is the price that the brand has to pay when it gets famous. Spotting fake Lucas Papaw is actually easier that you think as long as you are looking for these details.


Counterfeit sellers have a lot of leeway through e-commerce or online store. Take Lazada or Shopee for instance, you will find a lot of third-party sellers using those e-commerce giant as an opportunity to sell counterfeits, knockoffs, replicas, or whatever you want to call it - Lucas’ Papaw ointment. Lazada and Shopee, unfortunately, is saturated with imitation merchandise.

Surprisingly, the price is very cheap. It will really make you wonder how the sellers could have possibly decided to sell the Lucas’ Papaw at a very low price after importing the product from Australia. They have to pay taxes and tariffs on imported goods, right? Are they doing some sort of good deeds, random acts of kindness, and paying it forward? Or are they just trying to deceive people.


They are really getting good at imitating the package brand-name goods, nowadays. Lucas’ Papaw knockoffs have the exact same print and information as the original one. So how can you spot the fake one? It is easy. The color of the print on fake Lucas’ Papaw is a slightly darker gray rather than black.


You shouldn’t really worry too much about the Papaw extract because it only makes about 4% of the formula. What you should be worried about is the petroleum base used. Authentic Lucas Papaw uses pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly, the highest quality of its kind.

Authentic Lucas’ Papaw is fragrance-free and unscented. It can still have a scent but you can tell that it is just a natural odor. It is formulated to have no scent but still impart a pleasant smell. Fake Lucas’ Papaw has a strong fragrant like that of a scented petroleum jelly.


So how can you tell if your Lucas Papaw is really authentic? We sent an inquiry through the online form of the official website of Lucas’ Papaw to ask if there are official distributors of the said ointment here in the Philippines. We were happy to receive their response in a timely manner.

According to the email that we received, there is only one distributor of Lucas’ Papaw here in the Philippines. It is SJ Conso Inc. Now, we are not saying that all the other stores, physical or online, sell fake Lucas’ Papaw. SJ Conso Inc. accept resellers but there are things to consider before they do business with anyone such as if you have sold Lucas’ Papaw before and sales volume per SKU/size.

If you want to make sure that you bought the authentic Lucas’ Papaw then buy it only from trusted sources. Do not be fooled by false claims or cheap price. While you won’t be able to prevent sellers from selling knockoffs or fake items you can prevent yourself from being tricked by thwart counterfeiters. Read reviews and do your research before buying online.

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