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LBSTAR BM10 Wireless Dialer/Mini Phone: Smallest Cell Phone Review

In today’s digital age, children have grown up with the presence of smartphones. More than half of the handsets in use today are smart devices. As more people continue to rely on smart devices, we tried to go back to the old school “dumb phone” life. Not only that, we “literally” tried to get our hands on one of (if not) the smallest cellphone at present time - Lbstar’s BM10 Wireless Dialer/Mini phone.

lbstar smallest cell phone


For a tiny phone like Lbstar’s BM10 Wireless Dialer/Mini phone, you shouldn’t really expect so much on its specifications.

Color: Blue, Grey, Orange, and Red
Frequency: GSM 850 / 900/ 1800/ 1900
Sim card slots: 2
Size: 68 x 28 x 12mm
Battery: 350 mAh

lbstar smallest cell phone


This cellphone is available at online stores but the price varies. However, you could buy it at a very affordable price of Php 600.00, which already includes shipping fee. This is a good buy because there is really not so much that you can buy with Php 500.00. Just add a hundred bucks and you can get yourself a decent phone that you can use for making and receiving calls.


It is surprising how a cellphone that is just about bigger than the size of your thumb can provide really good audio when making and receiving calls. You will be in awe to find out that the audio quality of this tiny phone is almost the same (if not clearer) as that of a smartphone.


The phone also provides Short Messaging System (SMS) if you want to send text messages. The messages are displayed in two lines so it may take a little while before you can read an entire message. The keypad has the same keys and function of a regular mobile phone keypad.


The box only comes with a cable that you can connect with any usb adapter. The battery life will depend on how long you use the phone as with any other electronic device.


It uses nano sim card. It is not locked to a particular telecom so you can use whatever sim card you prefer.


LBStar’s mini phone is only good for call services. The screen is so little that you will be annoyed at the amount of time it takes to type a message and even find phone numbers in your phone book. There is not so much that you can do with this phone.

No matter what mobile phone you buy, it is important that you make sure that you have solid wireless coverage. Your wireless service provider should be your most important decision. Maybe, you’re thinking of getting an affordable phone or smartphone but you have to find a carrier that offer the best coverage where you are at. That is a good reason to put the carrier decision first.

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