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How to Pay Bills Thru Metrobankdirect

With the advent of the Internet, almost everything has shifted into its electronic version. Even banking is not a long way behind. By simply being online, you can take advantage of online banking. Making financial transactions is just one click away.

Instead of physically going to the bank, you can make transactions from anywhere using your smartphone or laptop as long as you have an Internet connection. Most banks offer a wide range of services such as bills payment and money transfer via the Internet.

If you have a Metrobankdirect account, you can use the online platform to make payments to a number of merchants/billers without the need to physically go to the bank. Just use your smartphone, tablet, desktops, or laptop for your bank transaction. Here, we’ll show you how.

1. Go to Click on login on the upper right hand corner under Online Banking Metrobankdirect. Enter your login credentials.

2. Click on Pay Bills under eBanking Solutions found on the left sidebar of the page. Choose from a number of categories listed below under Special Biller and register it as a new biller.

Airlines/Travel Agencies
Club Memberships
Credit Card
Dealer Payments
E-Wallets/Online Shopping
Franchise Fees
Government Healthcare
Insurance and Pre-Need
Lease Payment
Loan Payments and Coop
Logistics and Media Publishing
Realty and Development
Residential Dues/Rent

3. Select your savings account to debit the payment. Enter the amount of money to pay from the bill. Select desired Payment Type.

Once completed, the amount will be debited from your Metrobank Savings Account. You can spare yourself the hassle of having to go to payment centers with Metrobankdirect.

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