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USB-Powered LED Night Light

Falling asleep with lights on isn't really a good factor if you want to have a good night's sleep. Before bedtime, it is advisable to limit the use of gadgets and even viewing of computer and television. It has been said that the above-mentioned obstruch the quality of sleep and may even affect the sleeping pattern.

In the Philippines, houses aren't really built with night lights mounted on the hallways. High-earning individuals who enjoy significant faster growth in incomes are able to afford to have night lights or lamp shades installed in their houses.  Middle or low-level classes would not be able to pay for such. However, there is a life hack to easily create a night light. There is no need for special engineering abilities to create a night light.

So for restless sleepers and sleep-deprived Pinoys, all you need is a USB adapter and a LED USB light (which you can get at any CD-R King branch from as low as Php 30.00).

life hack night light

According to Sleep Foundation, "Too much light, right before bedtime may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, one study recently found that exposure to unnatural light cycles may have real consequences for our health including increased risk for depression. Regulating exposure to light is an effective way to keep circadian rhythms in check."

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