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New Life Hacks 2017: Reddit Life Hacks Collection

Some of these have probably been shared, but we've rounded up 11 of the newest life hacks that generous Reddit users have posted on Life Hacks subreddit.

Mount an iPad or tablet with some Command Hooks for an easy TV or night clock in college. Just slide it out for use! from lifehacks

Use different colored ear-tips to differentiate left and right easily. from lifehacks

Tea-ing like a boss from lifehacks

Use a big hardcover book to prop up a small tablet so it can be more at a screen level. Just thought of this earlier today from lifehacks

Prevent your boxed-lettuce from going "slimy" by placing a paper towel on top of it from lifehacks

If you think the tiny white paper cups suck, use a soda lid to dip your fries from lifehacks

A useful kitchen tip from lifehacks

Instant Mobile Stand. from lifehacks

For when you don't have somewhere to put the spoon from lifehacks

Quick and easy Iphone speaker from lifehacks

Moving big and clumsy object? Duck tape yourself a handle! from lifehacks

Do you tweak things to make your lives so much easier? Share your tips and tricks with Pinoy Life Hacks in the comments below.

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