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Settle in. If you need a laugh, scroll through for some crazy, corny, and hilarious Pinoy jokes that have been shared by people from around the Internet, inuman jokes, jokes sa kanto, and some are even Pinoy Life Hacks originals.

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Fast Fact: According to the 2016 survey conducted by New Economics Foundation (NEF), Philippines achieved a Happy Planet Index (HPI) score of 35. The Philippines ranked 20th out of 140 countries. HPI is an index of human well-being and environmental impact that was initially introduced by NEF in July 2006.

It is surprising how developing countries such as the Philippines ranked on top of the HPI. It only means that the economic growth doesn’t really translate to happiness. Material wealth isn’t really the source of true happiness. True happiness lies in contentment, rewarding relationships, and managing conflicts and problems with humor.
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